Dealers request tax deduction for the electric car


Faconauto calls for a utility for the Subcommittee on Infrastructure for Electricity and Hydrogen Charging Points in the Congress of Deputies

The employers’ association that integrates the associations of official dealers of car brands, industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery on the Spanish market, Faconauto, has requested the creation of
a model of tax exemptions or incentives for individuals and businesses as a tool to promote the expansion of electric vehicles and the installation of charging points.

This is stated by the Executive Vice President,
Martha Blazquez, during an appearance before the Subcommittee on Infrastructure for Electricity and Hydrogen Charging Points at the Congress of Deputies. This committee took its first steps this Tuesday with the appearances of employers Anfac, Faconauto and Anged.

These business organizations will start a round of publication, with the estimate that this working group can collect
the contributions of some 45 entities, according to the requests of the groups themselves and the entities that have asked to appear at their own request. The aim of the commission is to prepare a report to identify the main industrial and legal bottlenecks that could hinder or hinder the implementation of a network of electricity and hydrogen chargers, with a focus on industry, the environment and development of the electric vehicle.

For Faconauto, they have proposed a transition, from the current models of national or regional aid, to a model of direct deduction in the IRPF or in corporate tax when an electric vehicle is bought or a charging point is installed. “This would significantly promote the decision to install charging points alongside those of public initiative and, in the case of electric vehicles, would leverage their expansion, as has already happened in the Autonomous Community of Navarra, where its citizens with a successful direct deduction in the income statement,” emphasized Marta Blázquez.

From Faconauto they want to activate all possible levers to accelerate the decarbonization of mobility, which is currently very much hampered because our country is one of the
older parking garages of Europe (on average 13.5 years), due to the low registration of electric vehicles and the insufficient installation of public charging points.

To further this goal of decarbonisation, the employers proposed another five measures to the Subcommittee. First,
set binding goals for the installation of charging points, which should be addressed with the cooperation and agreement between the public administrations and the private sector. In this regard, special attention should be paid to improving coverage in the areas and cities, as well as accelerating access to ultra-fast charging points.

Another point raised before the Infrastructure Subcommittee is the need to order “the current scattered existing regulations related to the installation of charging points”, for which they propose the publication of
a compilation guide and, in a second step, reduce and simplify the applicable rules for the coming years.

Likewise, he has indicated that one of the main obstacles to the promotion of charging infrastructure and their mass deployment is still the difficulty of managing its installation, for which he proposed to unify the authorizations of the different administrations, limit the time limits to the maximum shorten and simplify, facilitate telematics access or move to a single-window system.

Faconauto has emphasized that the current implementation of low-emission zones in the cities of
more than 50,000 inhabitants it is an opportunity to accelerate electrification. However, he has asked to avoid a hierarchy of forms of mobility that distinguishes the private vehicle from other means of transport.

The Subcommittee on Infrastructure for Electricity and Hydrogen Charging Points, led by ERC Deputy Joan Capdevila, is working with the forecast of
weekly with a plenary session until December to report on the presentation in January or February.

Source: La Verdad


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