“What is less than going together, all as one, to the World Cup”


Unai Simón wants to clarify today the demonstrations he made with the national team. “Outside, we have few friends and we have to protect each other,” he said after beating Portugal in Braga with a goal from bruise to pass the head Nick Williams and make it to the Final Four of the Nations League: “I said it and the truth is that it generated more controversy than I thought. I mentioned this because many times it feels like there is, especially in the press, but I have no doubt that the people around me will cheer on the team. Now we have a competition like the World Cup, we need everyone’s support, the coach and the players get respect for the game and the results, what is less than to go together, all together in a World Cup that we know is very exciting for people. I didn’t want to generate any controversy or for anyone to feel attacked, but I do say that since we have a World Cup, it’s better to go all together and not have a sector that deviates and wants to create problems”, said Murgia goalkeeper in Lezama.

The youngest of the siblings Williams He was one of the great protagonists against the Portuguese team, changed the game and was decisive in the victory. Do you see him with options to go to Qatar? “A World Cup is a big word for everyone. Last year Nico He has already shown that he can be decisive in the First Division and at Athletic. Every time he faced the wings you could see that something would happen, that he would create an occasion. He hits fast, but you have to stay calm because he’s a kid who knows he has to keep doing things well as he does them. For this determinant template. He is a good teammate, he is not too selfish, you put all that together and he becomes a player, a top player”, he stated.

The goalkeeper was also the star against Portugal with two excellent interventions to prevent Cristiano’s side from taking a 0-0 lead and a third to prevent a draw, a result that was worthless. Perhaps this aspect is more overlooked than playing the last 0-1. “In football, the important thing is the goals. I know the saves I made, the coach knows it, my teammates know it…, but the important thing is the goal bruisethe help of Nico, the attitude that the whole group needs to win. We saw a team that wanted to show that we can aim for a World Cup title”, he stated.

Source: La Verdad


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