This is the fine for carrying the purchase in the back seat of the car


The General Directorate of Traffic warns of the risks of carrying out this practice

Large purchases may prevent all bags from fitting in the car. If you’ve filled the trunk and have more than one bag to load, opt for the option to put the rest of the purchase in the back seat of the car. In view of this action, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) warns that objects in the car pose a risk to drivers, passengers and other road users, in addition to fines.

The DGT imposes a fine of 200 euros for leaving loose packages in the back seat of the vehicle. A common example is the supermarket purchase, which many drivers leave incorrectly in the back of the car, which can lead to a fine. This violation can be found in article 14 of the General Traffic Regulations (RGC). This regulation states that the cargo carried in a car must not “drag, fall wholly or partially or move in a dangerous manner”.

You also have to be careful with other actions such as moving or handling a package. If an officer believes that road safety is at stake, the driver can be fined 80 euros. If a package restricts mobility or obstructs vision while driving, this can be considered a serious offense and will also be subject to a fine. If the package exceeds the maximum authorized mass of the vehicle, this can also lead to a fine.

In the event that the package falls on the road due to poor packaging, the law on traffic, motor vehicle traffic and road safety classifies this violation as very serious and the driver is punished with a fine of more than 200 euros for the danger may result in other users.

– Reduces the driver’s view. Transporting very large parcels can pose a risk of reducing the driver’s field of vision.

– The elephant effect. Carrying loose objects in the car can be very dangerous. In motion, an object can multiply the value of its mass by 50 or 60 times, so under braking at 60 km/h, a one-pound package would have a force equal to 60 pounds.

– Limits freedom of movement. If you drive with large objects in the car, they can restrict the driver’s movements and compromise their driving ability and responsiveness.

– Jammed pedals. A small gift or other object can roll off the car floor on slopes and end up under the driver’s pedals, posing a huge hazard. You can block them and cause an accident by losing control of the vehicle.

– The behavior may change due to overloading of the vehicle. Driving with too much load extends braking distance, slows acceleration and alters driving dynamics and tire response.

Source: La Verdad


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