The Vespa GTS has been modernized


This new scooter with 19 years on the market has been completely restructured, both in appearance and in suspension and brakes

With a red corporate color now, since 2003, the year of the beginning of the commercialization of the
popularly called Vespone, has been almost completely updated for this new version of the popular Vespa. The previous scooter was launched three years ago and now the changes are very substantial.

Four versions are offered for sale, GTS, GTS SUPER, GTS SUPERSPORT AND GTS SUPERTECH, in all four you can choose two engines. One of the
125 cubic centimeters displacement and the other with 300. In both cases the benefits are first class. The first offers 14 horsepower in the single-cylinder engine and a torque that allows it to exit traffic lights very quickly.

The second reaches almost 24 hp and thanks to the new suspensions, this power is transferred to the asphalt with total solvency and safety.
In the most powerful version It comes standard with ASR traction control and on the 125 with the start&stop system. The brakes, in all versions, are entrusted to a single disc front and rear with the ABS anti-lock braking system.

As usual with Vespa, since its birth in 1946, all versions are made of stamped sheet steel and welded structural reinforcements, emphasizing the new image of this new scooter. The front has a round headlight with LED technology, it has
for the rest of the lighting, and the side section is also newly designed with engine cooling gills. The seat is also new, more comfortable, large and soft, under it is a hole for two jet-type helmets.

Instrumentation is another point that has been given a lot of attention. Depending on the version chosen, it can carry a four-inch TFT screen or an instrument panel that alternates analog information with digital information. In the same, the technology of the MIA brand can be applied for connections to our mobile phone. handlebar switches
are also new and much more consistent than in the previous version for a more comfortable and easier use. And another point that attracts the most attention is not using a key to start, as it comes standard with the Keyless system. Under the steering wheel is a glove box with a built-in USB connection to charge the mobile phone on the go.

Prices range from 5,999 euros for the basic version of the 125 to 6,499 in the most equipped.

Regarding the 300
from € 6.999 for the base version and go up to 7,499 for the version with the maximum SuperTech equipment.

Source: La Verdad


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