The DGT warns of the danger of driving an old car


More than 8 million vehicles over 15 years old are on Spanish roads and more than a million,
without ITV. According to the DGT, the braking distance of an old car with worn wheels at 70 km/h is up to 53% higher than that of the same car with tires in good condition. In addition, accidents with old cars have 23% more incidents related to tires and 68% more related to brakes.

Because of
the economic crisis and the loss of purchasing power, which many people suffer from, the fleet is considerably outdated. We are one of the countries in Europe with the oldest park.

On average, this is 11.2 years. In addition, the number of casualty accidents involving cars older than 15 years has increased by more than 78%, compared to the remarkable drop (43%) in new cars less than 4 years old.

Carfax’s most recent report points in the same direction, according to which the risk of
buy a used car that has been damaged grows by 50% in passenger cars between 9 and 11 years old compared to those between 6 and 8 years old.

According to Anfac (Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers), it reached 13.5 years in 2021, almost half a year more than in the previous year, which means for Spain
not just environmental problemsdue to the high pollutant emissions of these old vehicles, but also road safety, especially if they have suffered structural damage.

In this sense, Carfax has revealed that the risk of buying a damaged car increases by 50% when the age is between 9 and 11 years old, compared to the range analyzed previously, that of vehicles that are between 6 and 8 years old. reside . In general, the risk of buying a damaged used vehicle doubles when we spend money
of the passenger car age group up to 8 years from the age of 9 to 18 years, representing a 100% increase.

As if the risk to road safety wasn’t striking enough, there’s also the risk that the air we breathe will
especially in big cities. And it is that, according to Anfac data, the vast majority of these passenger cars of more than a decade still in circulation, classified as “light without label” or with “Label B”, represent almost two-thirds of the Spanish park (64.7%) and are the cause of almost all polluting emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), 91.4%, and no less than 92.7% of particulate matter emissions.

However, given the scarce supply of affordable new cars due to the rise in prices and
its low availability, a trend that we have continued since the pandemic and exacerbated by the supply problems caused by the war in Ukraine, many citizens have decided to trade in their old car for another used car, in some cases without knowing that it will cause any damage has suffered damage or suffered serious breakdowns in its time on the road, data that they could have accessed with tools like those from Carfax.

The condition of a vehicle and its vital trajectory is essential information when purchasing a vehicle. More than one driver, had he kept it in mind, would have changed his final purchase decision. 68% of them, more than two-thirds,
would avoid buying a damaged used car if they had such detailed information to hand.

Source: La Verdad


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