How to avoid mileage fraud when buying a used car


In addition, and although minor damage should not be a reason to refrain from a possible purchase, each buyer has the right to know the extent of the damage.

The chance that you buy a car in Spain with a fake mileage is quite high. That is to say that many cars on the second-hand market in Spain – something common in all European countries – have their mileage touched up or not as transparent as many think.

This is the main conclusion of carVertical’s research, which also analyzes that since more than 80% of the population lives in urban areas where they
frequent minor accidentsMany cars often end up with small dents on the door or scratches on the front bumper.

And although minor damage should not be a reason to abandon a possible purchase, every buyer has the right to know the extent of the damage. Especially when it comes to modern cars equipped with expensive LED headlights and other exclusive features.

The data collected in the used vehicle history reports shows that 40.9% of all cars checked in Spain had suffered damage. While these figures may seem frightening, in reality the figure is slightly lower than the EU average, which stands at 52.4%.

For example, vehicles with counterfeit mileage have always been a major problem in the used car market. Uninformed buyers buy cars at inflated prices, significantly damaging their finances. This translates into a huge burden on the economy. A study by the European Parliament’s Research Service shows that upgraded cars cost the European economy €9 billion a year.

“A used car with a fake odometer may seem cheap to buy until the problems start to crop up. Hot rods are much more expensive in the long run and tend to lose value quickly,” he says.
Matas Buzelishead of communications at carVertical.

Source: La Verdad


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