How to take advantage of Black Friday to buy a car online


Buying a car can be a very difficult decision. Not just because of the attachment you may have to your old car,
but for the money you are going to have to invest . To doubts about the type of fuel that is best for us, we must also add the possibility of choosing between a new vehicle or a used car and zero kilometers.

With the current economic and industrial situation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a car, both new and second-hand, as the crisis caused by the Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine has led to a reduction in the range of models and their availability . . In each case,
the offers offered this week due to “Black Friday” They can be a good opportunity for those who have decided to take the plunge and change their car.

A shopping trend that has evolved in recent years from offline to online, thanks to the possibility to compare discounts from different sellers operating on the Internet. That’s why Clicars offers us a series of tips to buy a car online in the safest, most transparent and easiest way.

Before you start buying, it is preferable to spend a few clicks to compare the same product
on different web pages. View the discounts, read the opinions of the users and consult the costs and estimated delivery times to choose the option that interests you most.

Buying a car is the second most important investment in a person’s life, so be wary of pages you don’t know and look for professionals who offer you guarantees, both in the purchase process and in the condition of the vehicle.

Don’t trust ads without photos or descriptions that aren’t very believable. When buying your car online, you should have all the information you need about the features and equipment of the car, photos of the exterior and interior, and the condition of the vehicle. In Clicars, they assure that they take 40 photos for each car they offer for sale on their website, with a certificate of revision in 270 points, as well as a history of the vehicle with information about its origin,
surcharges and guaranteed mileage.

There is no rush when buying a car online. Before choosing the payment method, make sure it is a secure payment platform and be wary
companies with disproportionate discountsasking you for advances to begin negotiations or haggling.

Once you have made the decision, you can sign the purchase contract for your car online without any doubt or danger. Of course, before signing any contract, remember that you should carefully read all the points laid down in it.

According to the Autocasión portal, the main advantages of a 0 km car are that the kilometers marked by the odometer (no more than 100) are due to transport from the factory, the movements carried out in the field or carried out
for preparation and delivery to the customer. The price of a 0 km car usually includes juicy discounts, since it is a vehicle that, although it has hardly any mileage, is registered.

In addition, dealers are not interested in keeping these vehicles on their premises for long, they want to get them out the door as soon as possible and will try to set attractive prices. And also, unlike a made-to-order car, which can take several months to arrive, zero-mileage cars, after the necessary paperwork, are delivered immediately.

Buy a new car
can be between 15 and 20% more expensive to buy a used car. It is very common to find vehicles in very good condition at quite affordable prices, offering the same services and benefits. However, you need to make sure that the ‘bargains’ are not a nuisance.

When we buy a used car, we save not only at the time of purchase for the sale price, but also with the various taxes that increase the final outlay. If we want to buy a new car, we have to add VAT, registration tax and motor vehicle tax to the sales price. On the other hand, when purchasing a second-hand vehicle, we save registration tax, which can amount to 15% of the purchase for a new car.

Source: La Verdad


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