Driving schools regret that they have been excluded from the fuel discount


The association ANAES considers it a “jug of cold water” for the sector and endangers the work of nearly 40,000 families

The cabinet has abolished the general fuel surcharge for the year 2023 and decided to keep it only for the professional group,
including transporters, farmers, shipping companies and fishermenso the 20 cent discount will disappear on January 1 for private customers.

Driving schools are also excluded from this transport aid, a sector that was waiting for the decision of the Council of Ministers to find out whether or not they were considered one of the “vulnerable sectors” that could retain fuel aid.

National Association of Driving Schools (ANAES), believes the Executive’s decision represented a “jug of cold water” for the entire industry. In the words of the entity president,
Alvaro llamasthe government’s decision, “is neither understood nor shared within the private driving school industry.”

Lamas assures that “the work of nearly 40,000 families could be at risk. The only thing that has been handed over to the Executive is something that we believe would have been justice.

from 1 January next The discount of 20 cents per liter on fuel, which until now generally applied to all drivers, will be cancelled. Looking ahead to next year, this aid will focus on certain professional groups such as transporters, shipping companies, farmers and the fishing fleet. A decision that has already cost the state treasury about 6,000 million euros and which, due to the little room for maneuver, puts the operators of the filling stations on the warpath to apply the new regulations.

Direct aid to farmers of €300 million is also being considered to offset cost increases due to fertilizer cost increases. Fishermen will also have
EUR 120 million in direct aid. On the other hand, together with other professional groups such as transporters and taxi drivers, they will retain the surcharge of 20 cents per liter for agricultural use and the fishing fleet.

Source: La Verdad


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