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Murcian Moto2 rider Pedro Acosta was recently interested in the manufacturing and safety processes where the helmets he uses are made.

MT Helmets is the supplier of the pilot from Levante, so he traveled to Cartagena to visit the MT Helmets headquarters to be informed about the latest developments in the helmet manufacturer. The young biker star accompanied the heads of the main departments of the Spanish company for a day, with a special dedication to R&D and design.

Keep in mind that the helmets you use are made to fit your head. Two months after a three-dimensional scan of the contours of his head was made, the Engineering Department welcomed back the pilot from Murcia, who was able to see for himself how MT Helmets worked on his bespoke helmet.

He also had the privilege of entering the laboratory where helmets pass the most demanding safety tests. The Moto2 ‘Rookie’ of the year witnessed the impact and penetration tests to which the shells are subjected throughout the life of the product. She also did not want to miss the job of the Design Department. There he became interested in the work of the artists who sign the more than 150 images created each year in Cartagena. In addition, the MT Helmets designers showed the rider the nuances of their first replica helmet and how this design was adapted to different models.

This visit was very educational for both the pilot and the manufacturer. Acosta plays a very active role in the development of the MT KRE+ together with former MotoGP rider Iván Silva, head of the Racing Service and link between MT Helmets and the rider during the races.

Sharing the information gathered over the past few months is essential for MT Helmets and Pedro Acosta to continue growing together. Both parties are already working to start the next 2023 season with everything ready.

Source: La Verdad


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