The DGT warns what to do if we get caught in a snow storm on the way


When it starts to snow it is important to clear the left lane to allow the passage of road maintenance vehicles and snow plows

The circulation will be seen
hit by heavy snowfall these days. According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), the snowfall will mainly affect the Cantabrian Mountains, the Galician Massif, the Pyrenees, the Iberian System, the Central System and the Meseta. Snow levels will drop to below 800 over the days in affected areas throughout this Tuesday, before continuing to fall to lower levels throughout Wednesday.

This precipitation can affect not only the circulation of the regional and local roads, but also the
high-capacity highwayshighways and dual carriageways such as the AP-66 León-Asturias, the A-67 Cantabria-Palencia, the A-52 Orense-Zamora, the AP-6/A-6 Madrid-Segovia, the A-1 Madrid-Burgos , the A -92 Granada-Guadix, the A-92-N Granada-Puerto Lumbreras, the A-44 Jaén-Granada provincial border and the A-3 Cuenca.

In cases where snow affects road circulation, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) gives us a series of essential recommendations to ensure traffic flow and road safety.

First, clear the left lane to allow road maintenance vehicles and snow plows to pass.

Pay attention to the signs on the variable message panels and to the instructions of the agents of the Traffic Group of the Guardia Civil.

Also, exercise extreme caution when driving through the areas and roads covered by this provision, and make sure you have the proper means and equipment for safe travel, including chains or winter tires.

It is also vital to know the colors of the snow and the driving conditions.

Source: La Verdad


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