Trucks and buses, in the crosshairs of the DGT


The special surveillance campaign will take place until February 19 on all types of roads throughout the national territory

most violations They were motivated by not respecting driving and rest times, driving with expired ITV, not using seatbelts or being overweight or improperly disposing of cargo are some of the most common offenses among lorry and bus drivers.

For this reason, the DGT has launched a new surveillance and control campaign aimed at the safety of vehicles used to transport goods and passengers, which is part of Operation Truck&Bus carried out at European level by the association RoadPol (European Road Policing Network ).

See you next Sunday the 19ththe agents of the Traffic Group of the Guardia Civil, as well as those of the rest of the local and regional police who join the campaign, will monitor the conditions under which these types of vehicles circulate, regardless of the country in which they are registered, as well as their drivers.

There will be an impact on the monitoring and control of aspects such as the speed at which they circulate, driving and rest hours, the tachograph, overweight, possible technical defects in the vehicle or the safety of the transported cargo, the documentation of the vehicle and the driver, the use of seat belts by the driver and occupants, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, the use of mobile phones, etc.

And as usual, surveillance will be carried out on all types of roads and at any time of the day, especially those where the intensity of circulation of this type of vehicle is greater.

Despite the fact that the national park of industrial trucks and tractors will represent only 7.7% of the total number of vehicles in 2021 and that of buses will not yet reach 0.2%, both have an important weight in terms of road safety. On the one hand, trucks are the second most numerous vehicle type on our roads and, on the other hand, public passenger transport by general purpose coach transported more than 135 million medium and long distance users in 2021 (not counting urban public transport, suburban transport or special and discretionary passenger transport).

However, if we take the accident numbers into account, the total number of fatalities in accidents involving each type of truck, taking into account both occupants and third-party fatalities in those accidents, represented 19% of the fatalities for the year 2021, while that of buses, despite having registered one more death than in 2019, represented only 2% of the total.

Source: La Verdad


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