A driver destroys the radar with the most fines in Santiago de Compostela


A driver hammered this morning to destroy one of the radars that issue most speeding tickets in Santiago de Compostela. This is the cinemimeter on the SC-20 from Santiago in Conxo heading south towards O Milladoiro. According to the municipality, the event took place around 2 a.m. A neighbor of the author of Milladoiro went by car to the point where the radar is located, got out of the vehicle and began to hit it with a hammer, breaking the protective glass of the radar. According to the DGT, on urban roads with a 50 km/h limit, speed compliance by passenger cars is 65%, the third highest value among the 13 countries with which we share a limit. On 30 km/h streets, the compliance level is 32%, the highest value of the three countries for which data is available. It should also be noted that the average speed of cars in street 30 is 11 km/h lower than that of street 50 (36 versus 47 km/h), a difference that greatly reduces the likelihood of fatal or serious collisions. . Failure to comply with these rules is classified as a serious or very serious violation, punishable by fines of 100 to 600 euros and revocation of 2 to 6 points. MORE INFORMATION noticia No All DGT patrols and radars ready for the May long weekend and the Jerez GP noticia No These are the most common mistakes to avoid in traffic jams The radar started working in July 2020 in a section with a limit from 50 kilometers per hour the periphery of the Galician city, where the speed is generally up to 70. During the first months of operation, it “caught” more than 17,000 speeding drivers, who were fined. The collection amounts to more than two million euros.
Source: La Verdad


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