The new touring era has arrived


The NT1100 offers everything you need in a motorcycle

The new NT1100 is built to meet the demands of the city with a lightweight, easy-to-handle, long-travel suspension. But it’s also a great touring machine, with a powerful twin-cylinder engine, a high level of equipment and a comfortable GT design to suit a passenger. It adds ‘premium’ driving technology and the option of a six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Streamlined aerodynamics, a large 5-position adjustable visor and top and bottom deflectors provide excellent wind protection. But its compact dimensions are perfect for city driving. The seat, at 820mm high, is comfortable to ride with a passenger and adapts to a flexible driving position allowing you to give it your all or just relax. And, unsurprisingly, the trim levels are high.

In addition to the side cases, the NT1100 comes with a 20 l fuel tank, good for a range of 400 km (WMTC mode), heated grips, cruise control, USB/ACC connections and a rear luggage rack. The center stand makes the rear wheel easy to maintain. The comfortable and luxurious seats for the driver and front passenger are designed to further enhance the touring capabilities of the NT1100 and are integrated into the elegant design to provide more comfort on long journeys.

It features a powerful 1,084cc parallel-twin engine, with strong low and midrange torque, tuned for responsive acceleration and smooth climbing to the extreme. In addition, it has a cruise mode that gives a feeling of relaxation and characteristic sound.

Featuring a ‘quick shifter’ system specifically designed for the NT1100 six-speed manual transmission, the quickshift system enables instant upshifts and helps reduce operator fatigue on long journeys. It also features an ‘auto-blip’ function for smooth and quick downshifts.

Source: La Verdad


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