Fekoor asks the Basque government for more help for the labor integration of people with disabilities


Ahead of International Workers’ Day, the federation has published a manifesto asking the public administration to involve the group more in mainstream business.

Euskaraz irakurri: Desgaitasuna of the pertsonak lan munduan txertatzeko laguntzak areagotzeko eskatu dio Fekoorrek Jaurlaritzari

The Biscay Coordinating Federation of People with Physical and/or Organic Disabilities, Fekoor, has asked the Basque government to promote “the social integration” of the group by increasing support for their labor insertion in the ordinary company

For May 1, the International Day of the Working People, Fekoor released a manifesto entitled “For the right to a job of free choice for people with disabilities”.

In the document, the Biscay entity warns that the unemployment rate of people with disabilities is “much higher” than that of the general population (16.5% vs. 8.5%) adding that the crisis “has widened this gap, limiting the group’s access to employment to sheltered employment, which is where most of the government support is concentrated”.

Fekoor emphasizes that the Autonomous Executive “increases the subsidy for special employment offices every year”. Specifically, this 2022 figure is 65 million euros, 4.4 million more than the previous year.

“While, to promote the employment of people with disabilities in the mainstream market, support has been maintained at 700,000 euros for years, which marginalizes us, violates our fundamental right to work wherever we want and is not beneficial to our social integration “, blame.

The federation wants to make it clear that it is not “against” the public services to support special employment offices, although it believes that it “should similarly promote and promote that people with disabilities can choose where they want to work if we qualified and trained to do so.

In this sense, it requests the public administration increase aid so that “the barriers that hinder our entry into the ordinary market disappear”.

Likewise, it urges the government to: betting on hiring help in sectors and professions where disability is “less represented, such as customer service or technology companies, sectors that enable our visibility and social standardization”.

Source: EITB


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