Volkswagen Taigo: little deposit for a powerful engine


The ‘Made in Spain’ compact SUV uses the Polo platform to deliver attractive lines more in tune with the present

What is the Volkswagen Taigo, if not a Polo in heels? This is a simplification, but essentially one of the most accurate ways to sum it up. After all, they are made in the same Navarrese factory in Landaben, so it is to be expected that they have a lot in common.

And the Taigo, like all modern Volkswagens, is well finished: it is beautiful, the lines are clean, the seats are comfortable, the sound system is powerful, the climate control works immediately and the multimedia system is fast and has good resolution.

The version I tested was the 150 hp R-Line, the most powerful on the market. While it is common to find much more powerful engines on the market, 150 is enough to nimbly move the urban SUV.

Despite the fact that the consumption according to the WLTP cycle approved by the manufacturer is 6.1 liters of petrol per 100 km,
my impression is that it is a very thirsty car

It is possible that this is due to a small tank – it has a capacity of 40 liters, which is on the lower end of the spectrum – in combination with a powerful engine, but the brand itself has implemented electronic systems to save gasoline, so you should pay attention to this feature.

Some examples of this are that the
engine shuts down two of its four cylinders at a certain speedto put the engine in neutral when identifying slopes or
warn to close the windows maintain aerodynamics. All welcome developments, since no one wants to waste fuel, especially not now.

Engine: Petrol 150 hp

Consumption: 6.1 l/100 km

Dimensions length/width/height (m): 4.26/1.75/1.51

Trunk: 440 liters

Price: From 24,675 euros

However, this block makes more sense in passenger cars such as the Polo itself, the Seat Ibiza or the Skoda Scala or,
if it has to be an SUV, let it be one with more sporty pretensions, such as the Cupra Formentor. However, in my career spanning more than five years of car testing, the Taigo has been the only one where I’ve been fined for speeding.

In addition, in the Taigo it was the first time that I could cope with the new trend of the Volkswagen Group: certain functions of the multimedia system were blocked behind a ‘paywall’ and the functions had to be contracted.

Source: La Verdad


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