Sonia Navarro pays tribute to women and sewing in Lisbon


The Lubrense participates with the Murcian gallery T20 in ARCO Portugal together with Julia Santa Olalla and exhibits ‘Balcón’ at the Embassy of Spain

This week, the Murcian gallery T20 is bringing the works of Sonia Navarro (Puerto Lumbreras, 1975) and Julia Santa Olalla (Granada, 1985) to ARCO Lisboa. From 19 to 22 May, the fifth face-to-face edition of this contemporary art fair will take place, which will make the Portuguese capital a meeting place for collectors, gallery owners, artists and professionals from all over the world.

Parallel to this action, the Lumbreren artist Sonia Navarro will also exhibit the ‘Balcón’ project, also from 19 to 22 May, in the residence of the Embassy of Spain in Lisbon.

In a vault, in the Palhavà Palace, hang some huge black cloths covered with colored geometric shapes. A solid piece divides the space into two symmetrical halves. This is ‘Balcón’, a creation of this multidisciplinary artist who learned sewing and tailoring from her grandmothers and aunts, before obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters in Photography. ‘Balcón’ consists of large works that explicitly refer to folk festivals, ancestral memory and the weight of women in the household.

The memory of black felt leads to those ‘patchwork’ quilts that women sewed at home and that were brought out like a treasure at important parties. Her people and her family are essential in this installation to learn how to sew. A way of expression that is so often reviled for being a side job, a household chore performed by quiet women. Sonia Navarro makes visible and pays tribute to the lack of voice of women throughout history through personal stories and often autobiographical works, in which the women of her family always have a strong bond, as is the case with this felt in which he closely works with his mother.

Source: La Verdad


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