The DGT states that conventional roads are responsible for 90% of complaints against motorcyclists


Of the 20,102 checks that have been carried out on this type of road, it is still speeding

In May, the General Directorate of Traffic, through agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group, carried out a special surveillance and control campaign on the roads frequented mainly by motorcyclists, resulting in 963 complaints, in total about 25,884 motorcycles checked.

As usual, most checks were carried out on conventional roads, as these are still the most dangerous for motorists, with over 80% of fatal accidents involving this type of vehicle being concentrated on them.

Of the 20,102 checks carried out on this type of road, most of the speeding offenses remain with 290 reported, closely followed by others such as use of silencers (88 complaints lodged), lack of ITV in force (84 complaints) and 28 for illegal overtaking.

Of the total number of drivers checked in this campaign, 32 were positive on the alcohol test and 3 on the drug test, the latter on conventional roads. In addition, it is surprising that 8 motorcyclists were reported for not wearing a helmet while riding.

Source: La Verdad


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