Still not sure what to do when you come across a police checkpoint?


Agents can stop us for many and varied reasons, and stopping is mandatory

One of the most effective tools in the fight against accidents is the surveillance, regulation and control by the Civil Guard Traffic Group on the road. In the cities, yes, those responsible are the local police. It is also one of the most feared measures, because although the driver has committed no offense, for the majority
nervousness is inevitable

With regard to how and where to set up roadside checkpoints, the DGT considers in the first place to always ensure the safety of the agents, to take the most appropriate safety measures, and that these are carried out in a visible way to ensure their preventive to strengthen character. The Guardia Civil can stop us for many and varied reasons, so
how to act is essential

If the Civil Guard order is given to stop the vehicle while we are driving, it will be accompanied by flashing red lights, along with the characteristic blue lights. If we don’t commit
no serious offense they will not turn on the siren In the event that they only turn on the blue lights, without accompanying them by the red ones, the Guardia Civil does not order us to stop. On the contrary, they ask us to pass because they are dealing with a calamity.

The moment when
let’s be clear about the intentionss from the Guardia Civil, from Multayuda they recommend “do not delay and stop the inevitable”. It will have to be done on the right side of the road, after placing the direction indicators, and looking for an exit or a sufficiently wide hard shoulder. Once you’ve found a safe place, stop. The officers will stop their car behind yours, to ensure your safety, as their vehicle is more visible, reducing the risk of an accident.

After the necessary security measures have been taken, a Guardia Civil will approach your vehicle to the right of the car and inform you of the reason for your arrest. Once the Guardia Civil has informed you of the reason for the arrest and it has been resolved, you must follow their instructions. So, when they tell you to
re-record, do it as they tell you They will approach the road first so you can follow them.

Source: La Verdad


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