Twelve cars not affected by the price hike


There are specific models of vehicles whose price has changed very little compared to the rest of the market, to the point that they are now even cheaper

The microchip crisis, together with the slow economic recovery, exacerbated by the uncertainty stemming from the international context and the war in Ukraine, are fundamental factors for the
evolution of new vehicle sales The main manufacturers are affected by production stoppages in their factories due to the lack of components, and this situation is transferred to dealers, where the cars requested by potential customers do not arrive. Depending on the make and model, delivery times can exceed three months.

A consequence of the lack of vehicles at dealers is the increase in prices, also prompted by the general increase in the consumer price index (CPI). In the case of cars, it stood at 6% in the inter-year rate in the month of April, which is:
means surpassing all-time highsaccording to data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

However, according to carwow, the new car comparator, there are specific vehicle models, according to segments, whose price has changed very little compared to the rest of the market, to the point that
they are even cheaper now

among the urban, the Fiat Panda, the Kia Stonic and the Dacia Sandero have experienced a larger price drop. The Panda is 350 euros cheaper from 14,250 euros. The Stonic, with a starting price of 19,050 euros, is now 300 euros cheaper, even in its 100 or 120 hp micro-hybrid version. For its part, the Sandero costs, from 10,730 euros, 134 euros less, available with petrol and LPG engines.

Among the SUVs, the Mercedes-Benz GLA, the Mazda CX-3 and the BMW X2 stand out. The first, at 39,145 euros, is now 1,655 euros cheaper, a figure to be reckoned with, especially if it is one of the few SUVs that has fallen in price in the past year. And it is that, from 22,295 euros, the CX-3 is 400 euros more expensive, but it is one of the small SUVs that has become cheaper during this crisis. This is followed by the X2, from 35,550 euros, with an increase of 800 euros.

Among the family vehicles, the Fiat 500X, the Peugeot 308 SW and the Kia Ceed Tourer stand out. The Fiat is 2,050 euros cheaper from 18,150 euros, a model that takes the gold medal in terms of discount. It has not suffered from inflation, as has the 308 SW, which from €26,200 is now €1,600 cheaper, still a significant amount. In fact, the latter, a newcomer to the market, offers more technology, a completely fresh and modern design and more safety, at a lower price than a year ago. Finally, the Ceed Tourer, from 23,100 euros, is 425 euros more expensive.

between 100% electric cars, an emerging technology with high prices, three models that have changed little stand out. Specifically, the Nissan Leaf, from 33,620 euros, saw its rate drop by 1,000 euros. And that the brand has just updated it with new equipment and semi-autonomous driving technology. The second that stands out is the Mini Cooper SE, from 34,200 euros it is 250 euros more expensive; like the Peugeot e-208, from 32,290 euros it is 670 euros more expensive, but they are slight increases compared to other models and the market in general.

Source: La Verdad


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