The Polestar 5, a 4-door electric GT, is getting closer


The goal is to achieve 884 hp and 900 Nm with an 800 V architecture

Polestar has presented the prototype of the Polestar 5, a 4-door electric GT with everything you would expect from a sports car. Scheduled to launch in 2024, it is the third of three new electric vehicles that Polestar will launch over the next three years, following the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 electric SUVs.

As it explains
Peter Allen, Polestar UK R&D Director, “The Polestar 5 is well on its way to becoming a fantastic 4-door GT with everything Polestar stands for. The platform combines the performance of a limited-edition vehicle with modern technological advances to create a lightweight, rigid sports chassis technology that can be mass-produced.”

The British team has had the opportunity to work with a new mechanical platform, which has enabled it to design and develop a unique welded aluminum chassis that gives the car its distinctive dynamics and offers a driving experience as engaging as the performance design.

In Sweden, work continues on the development of a new electric powertrain that will be the best in its category. A new electric motor at the rear will develop optimal power with an architecture of 800 V. In combination with a powerful electric motor at the front, the dual powertrain will generate 884 hp and 900 Nm.

In the words of
Jörg Brandscheid, CTO and Director of R&D at Polestar, “The new powertrain we are working on will take the performance of the brand’s vehicles to a new level. Combining the best electric motor engineering with advances in lightweight platform technology will result in a spectacular vehicle from the driver’s point of view.”

Source: La Verdad


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