Cabify integrates hydrogen in its fleet with Toyota


Cabify continues to pursue its ambition to decarbonise all its routes from 2025, and to do so it does not stop expanding its own fleet (called Vecttor) with electric and alternative propulsion vehicles.

The most recent partner is Toyota, which has supplied four Mirai, the flagship of the Japanese brand: an electric sedan with athletic lines and a hydrogen fuel cell system to power its electric batteries.

In May, Cabify teamed up with Mobilize, Groupe Renault’s mobility services division, to take 40 of its electric Limos and integrate them into the Cabify Eco category, designed for business customers who only want to use electrified models.

With the Mirai, Cabify becomes the first VTC operator to offer hydrogen cars. This system works by means of electrolysis and the only waste is water. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to recharge its autonomy of 550 km in less than five minutes.

The refueling also comes from a new partner for the Japanese manufacturer: Scale Gas, an Enagás subsidiary that grew out of the start-up incubator, Enagás Emprende. In January 2021, they inaugurated the first service station with 700 bars in Madrid.

Toyota Spain President and CEO Miguel Carsi has emphasized “the importance of having the technology ready to make Spain’s first fleet of hydrogen-powered HCVs available to Cabify. Toyota is ready to move towards zero-emission mobility, in which hydrogen plays an important role as an energy carrier.”

While Cabify’s regional manager in Spain, Daniel Bedoya, “this alliance with Toyota is another step in our commitment to accelerate sustainable mobility, innovate and bet on alternatives that make life easier for people and businesses and make our cities a making a better place to live.Being accompanied by companies such as Toyota and Enagás is a guarantee that the trip will be a great success».

Source: La Verdad


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