Lexus improves the ES 300h range


The first copies of this new model will arrive in Spain from October

Launched in 2018 and refreshed in 2021, the ES is Lexus’ most popular sedan, attracting both individuals and businesses. Part of the appeal of this model
lies in your level of comfort and convenience, category leading and ease of use are the key features of the new ES multimedia system. Designed for easy access to information, communication and entertainment, it is faster than the system it replaces, with more intuitive operation and more functionality. Among other new features, the 2023 version includes wireless smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay (or wired via Android Auto), cloud navigation and voice recognition.

Online navigation provides real-time access to road and traffic information to facilitate route planning and delay avoidance, as well as information on fuel prices and nearby parking. In the event that the online connection is lost, an integrated navigation system provides coverage.

The ES now features the ‘Hey Lexus’ voice assistant, which responds to voice prompts to make it easy to make phone calls, manipulate sound and climate controls, and search the web. It recognizes 19 different European languages, allowing it to understand and respond to informal comments, such as raising the temperature in the cabin when someone says “It’s cold.”

The front center console of the ES cab has also been revised, making the interior cleaner and more modern. It now has two cup holders and includes the wireless charger outside the center console for ease of use. And where there used to be two USB-A ports, there’s now a USB-A port for playing Hi-Res audio sources and a USB-C port for charging devices. Another change in the vehicle affects the color of the finishes: the bone white tone has been replaced by the sand color.

Source: La Verdad


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