10 tips to make traveling with children more bearable


Holidays are a time of relaxation, but a long car ride with the little ones can be one of the most ‘dreaded’ moments of the entire summer

With the arrival of August, many Spaniards go on holiday, a moment of relaxation in which they hope to break free from work. However, for those who have children, a car ride can be one of the most ‘dreaded’ moments. For this reason, Lingokids, a company specializing in digital content for children, has developed a series of recommendations to help families plan these trips so that the experience is more positive.

When we arrived? i have pee! How much is left? I’m bored!, are the typical expressions we all know, and that is that children can be very insistent when they have a long car ride. We cannot avoid those five or six hours (or even more) of the journey if we want to enjoy the beach, the mountains or the chosen destination, but we can plan well and find ideas to entertain them, thus making the journey more bearable for both the little ones and the adults.

Because they travel for so many hours in a car, children can’t move, so it’s normal that if they have nothing to do, the journey becomes an ordeal for them. Therefore, to make the trip as relaxed as possible, parents can find fun alternatives to entertain them.

It’s a good idea to involve the kids in making a list of everything you need to take with you on the road. They can be represented on a map by the places they pass through and what time they will arrive more or less at the destination, remember that if you travel with small children you can always take a little longer, besides they too can see the typical present setbacks of the summer season. It can also be effective to explain the duration of the trip in an understandable way (for example, it will be six hours, the same time you spend at school every day) and to think together about what activities you can enjoy during the trip. .

Determine the best time depending on the weather (too much sun or rain) and peak traffic times, but also consider family routines. If the drivers don’t mind, traveling at night can be a good alternative as the little ones can sleep and you have less to stop and entertain them less.

Plan the ‘technical’ stops in advance (to eat or go to the toilet) to make the trip part of the holiday. Depending on the route, you can choose a special place that the little ones also like to go through. It could be a town with a swamp or a castle, or a restaurant with food they like. This will deliver them from the boredom of the road.

You can use the stops, including those for petrol, to encourage children to get out of the car so they can walk and move around a bit. Some gas stations have playgrounds (you can research in advance if there are any on your route). You can also take a walk around the rest area or through the town where you stop.

It is also very common for children to ask for something to eat or drink during the trip. In addition, it is recommended that it be something healthy such as fruit (grapes or carrots are a good choice, as they hold up well and don’t spill too much). And remember that the candies, full of sugar, will only cause energy spikes that make them even more restless. Also bring some small bottles of water with you, better if they are refillable canteen type or with a small hole so they can drink more easily on the go without spilling. Again, try to avoid sugar (like soda or packaged juices).

You can put useful items in the car, such as wet wipes (to clean their hands before or after dinner, or to clean up small messes before arriving at their destination) or plastic bags. It’s helpful to always carry some in the car and teach them how to use them in case they get dizzy and nauseous, but they’re also helpful for storing trash or dirty clothes if they get stained and you she has to change.

Choose a fun and manageable toy that adapts to the size of the car. Some ideas might be a rubik’s cube, some puppets for improvised theater, or game books like seek and find. You can also play classic games like I see-I see, chained words or guess what I’m thinking.

This can also be a good trick to entertain them. Make a list of songs to sing together, with some of the little ones’ favorites. You can also add some slower ones for moments of relaxation or to fall asleep. Another good idea is to find podcasts that entertain you and hold your attention.

While there is debate about whether or not to use technological devices such as cell phones or tablets, they can be used for a short period of time to liven up the journey. They can play with an electronic device for a while or watch a movie on the tablet if the journey is very long. In addition, they can also be used to play educational games. In any case, the use of devices for longer than one or two hours (depending on the length of the trip) is not recommended.

Don’t worry if there are changes or unforeseen events along the way (which is most likely), such as a flat tire or vomiting. The key is to see it as an extra adventure of the holidays and this way you make sure the kids see it that way too. If you relax and try to see the funny side, they will too.

Source: La Verdad


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