Recommendations for motorcycling this summer


The two wheels carry a series of ‘dangers’ that we could avoid with some advice

As the heat builds, many of us take the motorcycle, but it must be remembered that the pleasure of riding in good weather is accompanied by a
series of ‘dangers’ that carry both wheels and that with a little advice we could avoid. But according to data from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), in 2015 (the latest with consolidated data) mopeds were involved in 8,187 accidents, 8% of the total. In the case of motorcycles, we are talking about 24,228 accidents, 25% of all accidents with casualties.

In particular, 56 people were killed while riding a moped and 669 were seriously injured and had to be hospitalized. In addition, 7,780 were slightly injured. On the other hand, 329 died on a motorcycle, 2,599 were injured requiring hospitalization and 22,679 were slightly injured.

This shows the seriousness of the situation and the need to
preventive measures to prevent these accidents

Always with the helmet on No matter how hot it is and no matter how short the journey is. It is a mandatory and necessary security element. It is best to wear a full-face helmet, which provides better protection against impacts. It is important to choose the right size as it can be thrown in an accident. In Norauto they can help choose the helmet that best suits the needs of the pilot. Likewise, the helmet must be properly approved (European standard R22). In addition, it is very important to change it if you have had a traffic accident, because it may have internal deformations and lose its effectiveness.

Bring the necessary equipment In the case of motorcycles and because of the high speeds reached, wearing protection and reinforced clothing is necessary. It is recommended to use specific clothing for motorcyclists and to accompany them with gloves, boots, shoulder pads, elbow pads and knee pads. Please note that for the summer months there are specific clothes that promote perspiration. The main thing is to be protected from possible accidents. Of course, with mopeds it is recommended to wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and comfortable shoes. In any case, it is necessary to avoid the use of flip flops, swimwear…

Carry out proper motorcycle and moped maintenance It should be taken into account that 50 of the motorcycles involved in accidents had very worn or defective tires (including 10 of the mopeds). It is therefore necessary to regularly check the condition of the tyres, the lighting and the oil level.

ANDspecial attention to passenger transport Norauto emphasizes the importance of traveling with minimum safety conditions and always wearing a helmet. In that sense, remember that you can travel in mopeds and motorcycles, in addition to the driver, as long as it is in the circulation permit, a passenger older than 12 years. You must wear a helmet, stand astride your feet with your feet on the side footrests, and use the corresponding seat behind the driver. You can also take people older than 7 years old, as long as the driver is their authorized father, mother, guardian or adult. Under no circumstances should the passenger be placed in an intermediate position between the driver and the handlebars of the moped or motorcycle.

You must drive carefully and always respect the traffic rules Avoid sudden maneuvers and zigzags between vehicles. Of course, it should be emphasized that mopeds cannot drive on highways and highways.

Source: La Verdad


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