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The new RX offers a taste of the ‘next chapter’ in Lexus design, conveying its performance and driving pleasure

The team responsible for the exterior design of the new Lexus RX luxury SUV had a clear mission: the

vehicle with a unique identity and proportions resulting from its dynamic driving experience. This approach marks the development of the ‘next chapter’ of Lexus design, introduced with the next-generation NX model, where styling directly conveys vehicle performance and the quality of the driving experience.

While the designers could look to the future, one of the requirements was to propagate Lexus’ quality as a luxury brand. The new model also had to be recognizable as an RX, with references to its legacy as the world’s first premium recreational SUV and the first high-end hybrid model on the market.

The integration of these different qualities is reflected in a vehicle that exudes a strong presence on the asphalt and great performance potential, with a bold image and great appearance. The sense of ‘newness’ is immediate and powerful, giving the car a visual impact in line with the quality of its three powertrains: the RX 500h Sport Hybrid, the RX 450h+ Plug-in Hybrid and the RX 350h Hybrid.

While the new RX has an overall length similar to the current model, the bonnet has been extended, placing the front pillar further back, and the wheelbase has been increased by 6mm. As a result, the weight of the cab appears to rest on the rear tires, while the molded surfaces of the door panels, prominent rear wheel arches and 53.3 cm (21″) wheels give a powerful sense of traction, which the designers Compared to that of an animal about to leap forward, opposing elements coexist in harmony, with a sense of solidity that begins at the front and extends to the dynamic rear.

The front of the vehicle gives a very different picture. The ‘next chapter’ design plays on the signature design of the double arrowhead grille to create a new double arrowhead body effect. The grille has since been reinterpreted as a continuous unit: integrated into the body, it is also an expression of the electrified power of the RX. The arrangement of the new slimmer headlamps and the 50 mm wider track underline the lower center of gravity and the vehicle’s appearance.

At the rear, the RX’s signature ‘floating roof’ effect, created by a hidden D-pillar, is retained, but the three-dimensional feel is enhanced. This is combined with a 10mm lower roof, creating a coupé-like silhouette. The powerful and condensed rear image is enhanced by a shorter overhang and a smooth transition from the wheel arches to the taillights. The rear combination headlights are integrated into a light bar that spans the full width of the car and wraps around the corners to enhance spaciousness.

Source: La Verdad


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