What type of boat do you need if you want to travel by boat this summer


You should consider the different types of boats out there and choose the one that best suits your plans and your companions.

If you are considering a different vacation this summer and want to try the adventure of sailing, keep in mind the different types of boats out there and choose the one that best suits your plans and your companions.

To make your choice easier, SamBoat explains the differences between the different types of boats in a guide to the boats best suited for each type of trip.

If you are traveling as a family, choose a catamaran

The catamaran is the perfect boat for family trips, both for its spaciousness and for its stability and safety. In this type of boat there is space for all members of your family, as well as many facilities that will allow you to enjoy your journey on the high seas: kitchen, refrigerator, showers, cabins and bathrooms.

And you don’t have to worry about the safety of the little ones while sunbathing on the bow or taking a dip, because the catamarans have a safety net at the front.

If you run away with friends, rent a sailboat

The sailboat is the best option if you are traveling with friends and want to discover and enjoy the most remote and special coves of your destination. In this type of boat you not only enjoy the feeling of speed, but also experience a unique maritime experience. In addition, sailboats are usually equipped with air conditioning, a kitchen, a refrigerator, a shower and even fresh water.

If you are traveling as a couple and want a luxurious trip, choose a yacht

After a year of work, it’s natural to want to escape with your partner and enjoy yourself in style, no matter the cost. The yacht is without a doubt the most luxurious boat you can find. It is a comfortable and powerful boat that allows you to sail in all conditions and weather conditions. With a yacht you will fully enjoy all the places you sail through and the crystal clear waters, as you only have to think about relaxing.

If you like sports, spend the day on a speedboat

They are the ideal boats for a day’s fishing, as they are smaller and you can fish in rivers, something you wouldn’t be able to do with a sailboat. Traveling by motorboat also gives you access to more hidden spots and allows you to take the opportunity to practice other sports such as snorkeling or diving. And it’s perfect for those who love speed and adrenaline!

If you want to save fuel, rent an electric boat or a sailboat

With fuel prices rising, many are considering their vacation. If this is your case, electric boats are the perfect solution. These boats do not use an internal combustion engine, but are powered by rechargeable batteries. In addition, it is the best option if you are also concerned about the planet, as they are not only cheaper boats, but also more durable and quieter.

In this case too, sailing boats can help you, as they consume less fuel than other types of boats: only a small tank to leave the harbor and when the weather conditions require it.

If you want to go sailing, you need a boat without a license

To get started in the sailing world, a boat without a license is the best option. If you have always been curious about sailing and haven’t yet taken the plunge, rent a boat without a license, perfect for those with no experience who want to take the reins.

In Spain it is possible to take a motorboat without a license as long as it is a maximum of 5 meters in length. In the case of sailboats, the permit is not required in Spain as long as it has a maximum length of 6 meters and only in specific areas.

What to bring on the boat?

● Polarized sunglasses to better see the water.

● Cap or hat to avoid headaches and sunstroke

● High sun protection sunscreen and lip balm to prevent burns. In order to protect the environment, it is always recommended to choose ecological sun creams and to limit the use of sun cream by covering the skin with anti-UV clothing (UPF50+).

● Drink water before departure to be hydrated and bring water for the trip (minimum 2 liters per person, depending on the time of navigation)

● Think seasickness medicines in case they are needed. If we already know that we are prone to motion sickness, please take them before boarding.

●Waterproof bag for personal belongings

● A change of clothes

● Swimsuit and beach towels

● Photo Camera

● An inflatable buoy or wakeboard or paddle surfboard

● Goggles, tube and fins for snorkeling.

● A headlight and a small blade

● Identity cards and boat license (if necessary)

● Personal protective equipment is available on the ship, but it is advisable to confirm with the owner that the sizes are compatible with all travelers.

Source: La Verdad


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