The points of the license you lose according to the speed you commit


Failure to comply with these regulations is classified as a serious or very serious violation, punishable by fines between 100 and 600 euros and the withdrawal of between 2 and 6 points.

The Road Safety Act and the General Traffic Regulations establish the regulations that apply to generic and specific speed limits, overtaking speeds and distances between vehicles. Failure to comply with these rules is classified as a serious or very serious violation, punishable by fines between 100 and 600 euros and the
recording between 2 and 6 pointsas shown in the following table:

In addition, Article 379 of the Criminal Code provides that “whoever drives a motor vehicle or a moped at a speed of more than sixty kilometers per hour on urban roads or eighty kilometers per hour on interurban roads than is permitted by law, shall be punished by imprisonment of three to six months or a fine of six to twelve months or community service of thirty-one to ninety days, and in any case denial of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for more than one and up to four years”.

In addition, the Permission for Points system takes into account the loss of 2 to 6 points for this type of violation, depending on the speeding violations.

The DGT has carried out a surveillance and speed trap campaign for seven days. Due to the increase in the number of fatal accidents recorded on motorways and dual carriageways so far this year, the number of checks on these highways has increased by ten points during this campaign to 54.4% of the total number of checks.

Of the total number of checked vehicles, 42,202 drivers, 5.6%, were driving faster than the speed limit, a slightly higher percentage than last July’s campaign, when the percentage was a few tenths less (5.2%).

By road type, 6.2% of drivers whose vehicles were checked on conventional roads and 5.2% of drivers on high-capacity roads (motorway and expressway) were reported. If we compare this data with that of the July 2021 campaign, half a percentage point more drivers were caught driving above the legal speed limit on both road types.

In criminal cases, 5 of the reported drivers have committed a traffic safety offense and have been taken to court for exceeding the speed limit on the road by more than 80 km, as stated in the Criminal Code.

Source: La Verdad


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