Smear after the catch – strict China: fish must also be tested for corona


Even fish caught at sea have to undergo a corona test in China. Videos of fish having their mouths wiped with a cotton swab in the port city of Xiamen have caused a stir and funny reactions on the Chinese internet.

A representative of Xiamen’s health department on Friday confirmed to the German news agency that not only the returning fishermen, but also their fish are being tested. “Whatever comes in must be tested.”

Risk of illegal trade
The Jimei district issued the statement in late July because there was a risk of illegal trade with foreign fishermen at sea: “When fishermen and their catch come ashore, people and goods must be tested.”

Strict zero covid strategy
China, where the virus was first discovered in December 2019, is following a strict zero-covid strategy. It has completely shut itself down. The few travelers allowed into the country usually have to stay in a quarantine hotel room for seven days – then three days under observation.

In millions of metropolises, people usually have to get tested every three days. Proof of the negative test in the Corona app on the mobile phone is necessary to be admitted to shops, markets or your own residential complex at all.

If you are positive, you will go to the hospital
Also, people need to scan themselves everywhere with the app to enable contact tracing. Anyone identified as a contact person or who was in a “risk area” must isolate themselves. Anyone who is positive goes to the hospital. Entire neighborhoods will be cordoned off if infected. Despite the sometimes controversial, harsh measures, the most populous country is currently experiencing a bigger wave as the latest omicron variant spreads easily.

Beijing’s health commission reported more than 500 new infections and more than 2,000 asymptomatic cases on Friday. The tropical island of Hainan is particularly affected. Tens of thousands of holidaymakers are trapped there. The Xiamen Marine Development Bureau told Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post that the coronavirus may have been brought to Hainan by fishermen who may have come into contact with foreign colleagues at sea, according to reports. “We are not the only place that does this,” it said about the corona tests on fish and fishermen.

Source: Krone


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