26 violations! – Wanted since November: youth gang now caught


Robberies, theft and violence: Between November 2021 and July 2022, a youth gang engaged in mischief in Vienna-Favoriten. After intensive investigation, the group of teenagers was arrested and reported.

The six young people who have made the Viennese district unsafe for nine months are between twelve and sixteen years old. They are proven to have committed 26 crimes, 14 of which were completed. The offenses include aggravated theft, multiple attempted robberies, theft and theft and embezzlement.

brutal deeds
The gang’s action turned out to be extremely brutal. They threatened to kill the victims or use physical violence, while holding a knife to their neck. Most of those at risk were between the ages of 10 and 16, but the group also killed an 81-year-old. The man was allegedly attacked and left seriously injured. The main loot consisted mainly of smartphones and cash, the total damage amounts to 8500 euros.

group that does not confess
The young people who were caught by the State Criminal Investigation Service in Vienna turned out not to have known. They claimed that the blame always lay with the other gang members. The 15-year-old prime suspect is in prison, the others have been reported in general. However, some members of the group are too young and therefore considered criminally responsible.

Source: Krone


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