“Shame on Belgrade” – Bishop wants to “curse” gay parade


Serbian Orthodox Bishop Nikanor Bogunovic made national headlines with drastic words about the upcoming EuroPride in Belgrade. According to consistent media reports, the cleric said he would “curse” all participants in the gay parade (September 12-18). The event is an embarrassment to the capital of Serbia.

“If I had a gun, I’d use it,” the bishop said. But he has none.

criminal charges filed
The words caused a wave of outrage. An LGBTI organization has filed a report.

President Vucic also distanced himself from the statements
President Aleksandar Vucic distanced himself in a statement. However, there was also agreement from right-wing conservative circles who argue for a ban on EuroPride. They see the gay parade as a provocation and an attack on traditional values.

Source: Krone


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