Already 25 years – bizarre legal dispute over a rental apartment in Vienna


A retired doctor and a homeowner have dealt with courts and arbitration boards for centuries.

Carefully maintained gardens, lots of greenery and beautiful villas dominate the area. But in a stately house on the Kupelwiesergasse in Hietzing, a legal dispute has been raging for years that does not really fit here. The history of the ‘crime’: In 1997, a former patient let retired doctor Suad Fanni (80) take over her spacious apartment in the building – and then moved in.

Since then, Fanni has had to decline eight failed homeowner’s evictions. “I won’t survive the next one!” he complains – and now starts attacking the homeowner. He recently housed seven workers from Hungary in the apartment below him. Illegal because the apartment in question is officially a construction site. In addition, there would be no washing facilities and only a mattress camp.

Faced with the retiree’s accusations, the landlord says, “Eviction proceedings were always filed against Mr Fanni for unpaid rents and operating expenses.” So again, statement is opposed to statement.

Source: Krone


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