Arrested before leaving – defrauded charity of 1.3 million euros


Police arrested a Linz resident at Munich airport on Friday who was wanted under an international arrest warrant. The 46-year-old is said to have defrauded a charity for 1.3 million euros.

The public prosecutor’s office in Ried confirmed a corresponding complaint against the suspected investment fraudster. After the suspect could not be found, an arrest warrant was issued. The man apparently wanted to fly from Munich to the Greek holiday island of Kos, but was arrested before departure. He was still in Landshut prison on Monday pending his extradition, the press release said.

“With an exorbitant profit promise”
He is said to have persuaded a club representative to transfer 1.3 million euros from an investor to him at the end of 2021 “with exorbitant profit promises”, according to the indictment against the 46-year-old.

Source: Krone


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