Trump gains popularity after search of his mansion


Former president gains support, unites Republicans and breaks collection record after FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

Despite the serious legal problem it represents for Donald Trump, the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago mansion has boosted the former president’s popularity and defense among his followers. This is revealed by an NBC News poll published this weekend, which also shows that the registry has united Republicans around the former president and increased his approval rating. However, the same poll shows that the majority of citizens, 57%, believe that investigations into possible irregularities should continue.

At the same time, the judge who must decide whether the secret summary of the FBI’s search warrant in Mar-a-Lago should be made public acknowledges the seriousness of the Justice Department’s concern to protect the confidentiality of the sources, although he points out that he is not yet convinced that they are enough to keep him hidden.

Bruce Reinhart, the judge who approved the original search warrant, asked the Justice Department to present an edited version of the search warrant’s summary. The government, for its part, has stated that disclosure could jeopardize the investigation and expose witnesses to intimidation.

In a 13-page advisory and warrant published yesterday, Judge Reinhart ordered the federal authority to produce a sealed document detailing the sensitive bits of confidential information that must be kept secret.

Trump wants to know the contents of the secret summary in order to know the clues of probable cause against him, as well as the identities of the alleged FBI informants. But at the same time, he does not want the warrant to be made public, as the seriousness of the charges he is being investigated could harm him. His lawyers therefore did not appeal to make the secret summary public when they had the opportunity to do so during the court hearing.

The former president, through his team and his own statements in the related media, has seized on the public narrative to favor his version of the victim over that of federal authorities, who justified the search on probable cause of serious state crimes. Trump is considering complicating the judicial situation a little more as he considers asking for the appointment of a special magistrate to arbitrate whether the materials seized by the FBI could be used in a criminal investigation against him, his lead attorney, Jim, said. trusty. It would be the former president’s first formal legal action since the FBI’s August 8 raid on his mansion, which seized 30 boxes of classified national security documents.

Trump’s argument would be based on the frivolous appeal to presidential privilege, which not only doesn’t cover the theft of top-secret government documents, but also doesn’t cover post-presidency, and argues that the Justice Department shouldn’t have to decide which documents itself. you can use in your research. The selection of a special magistrate in these types of cases usually falls under a retired lawyer or judge.

Trump, a litigation expert, has used this method in court for more than three decades to gain the upper hand in his business dealings over his rivals in more than 4,000 cases, according to the newspaper and cable news network USA Today. Cases that include lawsuits at its casinos, at its golf resorts, disputes over its registered trademark and of a financial nature with the Treasury and government, employment and labor contract cases, and media defamation.

However, the former president has not only increased his popularity but also his treasury with the raid on his mansion. It hit a collection peak of $1 million a day for at least two days last week, according to “The Washington Post.”

Trump’s fundraising team has made a frantic effort through an email campaign denouncing the FBI’s search as a “threat to democracy” and an “unprecedented violation of the rights of American citizens” by Democrats.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has made his first public statements after the search, amid speculation he may be the FBI mole who provided inside information to facilitate the raid. In an interview on the ultra-conservative network Fox News, he came forward in defense of his father-in-law, pointing out that what happened in Mar-a-Lago was another example of the persecution of the former president’s “enemies”.

Kushner stated that Trump is, and always has been, a fighter and that the FBI made a mistake in conducting the raid. The former president’s son-in-law pointed out that the way he “drives his enemies crazy” causes them to rush and make mistakes when trying to catch him, as happened in the Palm Beach mansion search.

Speculation about who in Trump’s inner circle helped the FBI have skyrocketed. After several months of talks between the federal agency and Trump’s legal team and a June meeting with one of his lawyers in Mar-a-Lago to negotiate the return of the classified documents, a confidential source reported the existence of more top secret files kept in the mansion.

Source: La Verdad


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