Kickl In Attack Mode – “People Are Victims Of Sleeper Policy”


Summer conversations in the hot phase of inflation, war, climate change and in an atmosphere of disenchantment with politics. Herbert Kickl, head of the FPÖ, was a guest at the ORF on Monday.

As expected, he behaved aggressively. In addition, the FPÖ currently has an internal conflict with the Jenewein case. An explosive mixture. Corona was also an issue, here Kickl maneuvered and provoked himself as an opponent of vaccination and a critic of measures in a corner.

“They said I had blood on my hands. It turned out? Vaccination is gone. It’s about self-determination. Everyone should do what they think is right. Just like any other disease. By the way, the ORF was responsible for making trenches. ” From the outset, the fronts between interviewers and interviewees were defined.

Internal quarrels
Kickl also had to respond to the current issue of Hans-Jörg Jenewein. His former right-hand man attempted suicide after an advertisement against FPÖ Vienna was found on his cell phone and asked him to resign. “The ad was presumably his, the exact background is to be revealed by the interrogations. An exclusion of Jenewein from the FPÖ Vienna would certainly have come.”

September 17 is the FPÖ party conference. Kickl on the test bench. “The party is very stable, we had a party presidency last Wednesday. I was confirmed for the next three years. Everything else that happens in the media doesn’t interest me.’ He doesn’t want to be pinned down to one hurdle at the party conference. “In any case, it will be significantly more than the 75% as with Pamela Rendi-Wagner. And it is celebrated by the media today.”

The federal presidential election campaign was also discussed. The FPÖ sends ombudsman Walter Rosenkranz into the race. Also a Kickl confidant. The boss attacks the incumbent Alexander Van der Bellen. “He earns way too much for what he does.”

When was the last time he took the train? It’s a long time ago. “I cycle a lot, probably more than a lot of green people.”

Austria cannot save the climate by phasing out traditional forms of energy. “If there is no wind, the wind turbine is useless. If it is dark, photovoltaic cells are useless.” One should not demonize gas and oil. There are deep storage tanks in the Weinviertel, which we can get through for 20 to 30 years. Until then, you can think about new methods.

Sanctions against Russia?
Sanctions against Russia also played an important role. The FPÖ has long been demanding an end. “The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary took a different path. But you can’t say that out loud. Russia is bad.”

Kickl generally criticizes the government and its hesitant behavior. “People are the victims of this sleeper policy.” People would be overwhelmed by events like waves of migration. The Hungarians are net recipients, Austria is a net payer. “The government also needs more backbone.”

Source: Krone


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