Motorbike slipped – helpers had to watch motorcyclists die


Help was quickly at hand after the motorcycle accident in Eberschwang. But after the “concise” slip, first responders and paramedics had to watch 42-year-old Peuerbacher die helplessly.

Pursuing motorists rushed to help the motorcyclist, but the injuries were so serious that even the emergency doctor couldn’t do anything for him. The small business owner from Peuerbach died at the scene of the accident. It’s unclear why the engine swerved. It’s not too narrow, it’s clear and the road was dry.

53 dead in Upper Austria this year
Horst F. is the 53rd road user to die this year in a fatal accident on the roads of Upper Austria. Only in the lockdown year 2020 was the provisional accident record even better. At that time, 43 people died on the roads of Upper Austria during the same period. Last year there were 56.

Where last year 21 percent of the road deaths after motorcycle accidents in Upper Austria had to be regretted, this year the value is lower, barely ten percent.

Source: Krone


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