After 6 months of war – Moscow: Attacks were “deliberately slowed down”


After more than six months of Russian war of aggression, the Moscow regime claims to be deliberately slowing its offensive in Ukraine. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Uzbekistan that this was done “deliberately” to protect the Ukrainian civilian population. According to British experts, these statements are deliberate misinformation – they are intended to cover up the failure of the Russian armed forces on the battlefield.

In the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, “precision weapons” are being perpetrated against military infrastructure in Ukraine, Shoigu claimed on Wednesday. “Everything is being done to prevent civilian casualties. This will of course slow down the pace of the offensive, but we are doing this very deliberately,” said the minister. This is contradicted not only by the numerous civilian casualties after Russian attacks, but also by the findings of the British secret service.

Six generals fired for slowness
“The Russian offensive has stalled due to the poor performance of the Russian military and the fierce Ukrainian resistance,” the defense ministry said in a statement on Twitter. The Russian armed forces have repeatedly failed to meet the deadlines set by Shoigu. According to the experts, it is very likely that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Shoigu fired at least six generals because the advance was not fast enough for them.

Meanwhile, more than six months after the invasion, Kiev’s armed forces still control large parts of the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. 45 percent is under Ukrainian control, military governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said Friday on Nastoyashcheye Vremya TV station. Before the Russian invasion on February 24, about two-thirds of the area of ​​about 1.67 million inhabitants was under Ukrainian control.

About 350,000 people currently reside in the remainder, Kyrylenko said. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Since then, the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk has been completely conquered. In addition, large parts of the Kharkov, Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions of eastern and southern Ukraine are under Russian control. However, the original aim of the war was a rapid advance towards Kiev and the overthrow of Zelenskyy’s government. Russia is further away from that than ever.

Source: Krone


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