Just before school starts – many vacancies: big shudder for teachers


In a week, 240,000 Viennese students will start the new year. However, it remains to be seen whether there will be enough teachers in the classes. Many vacancies are vacant. A nail biter.

Shortly before the start of the school year, the Viennese compulsory schools deal with many subjects. But the massive staff shortage overshadows all other concerns. “The situation is very bad, and it could get worse, because next week Lower Austria and Burgenland will try to poach teachers again,” said Thomas Krebs (FCG), the top representative of compulsory education. The situation is particularly tense in some schools: according to information from “Krone”, nine out of about 30 teachers, i.e. almost a third, are missing in a Viennese primary school.

However, the education department reassured: “During the summer months, more than 700 teachers were hired at all compulsory schools in Vienna.” According to Krebs, these should mainly be part-time jobs. The reason for this is the five-year training, which means that the young colleagues cannot take on the full teaching task, ie their own lessons.

“Vienna has less and less to offer”
At the same time, fewer teachers would lead to larger classes and thus a lower quality of education. “For example, Vorarlberg advertises better pay. What does Vienna have to offer? Less and less with the parking sticker and the rising rates,” Krebs criticizes.

“Until now I have not received any feedback on my application”
In addition, the education department puts obstacles in the way for applicants. “I applied for the May deadline and so far, a week before school starts, I have not received any feedback,” says a primary school student teacher. Under these circumstances, the teaching profession will certainly not become more popular.

Source: Krone


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