Noticeable for Vorarlberg – strong earthquake registered in Liechtenstein


A powerful earthquake shook the Principality of Liechtenstein early Thursday afternoon. According to the Austrian Seismological Service of the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG), the tremors reached a magnitude of 3.8. The earthquake was also clearly felt in neighboring Vorarlberg, and some people fled outside, according to ZAMG.

A weaker foreshock was also recorded by the population, it said. The epicenter of the earthquake, which struck at 1:57 p.m., was northeast of the Liechtenstein capital Vaduz, just about 15 kilometers from Feldkirch.

According to ZAMG, the proximity could also have caused minor damage in Vorarlberg. However, no damage reports have been received yet. The earthquake service asked them to fill in the report form on the website, to use the QuakeWatch Austria app or to send written reports to the address Hohe Warte 38, 1190 Vienna.

Source: Krone


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