Prices explode – Cheaper bus tickets should relieve the English


From January to March, bus trips in England may cost a maximum of two pounds (2.31 euros) per route. The price cap is intended to relieve the English people in times of sky-high prices. “Buses are the most widely used form of public transport, so the £2 per trip limit will help passengers during the winter months and provide immediate assistance to households across the country,” UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Saturday.

According to the government, the average price for a three-mile journey is currently £2.80 (€3.25), making the average journey about 30 percent cheaper. The measure only applies to England. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, such decisions are a matter for the respective regional parliaments, not the UK central government.

London Underground exempt from exemption
Other means of transport, such as the underground, which is widely used in the capital London, are exempt from the exemption. The opposition criticized. “This relief for the government, which is limited to 90 days after years of price hikes, does not do justice to the scale of the crisis,” said Louise Haigh, who is responsible for transport in the largest opposition party, Labour.

The likely successor to outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, has yet to commit to how she wants to ease pressure on British budgets. The government change will take place next week.

Source: Krone


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