New elections soon? – Resignation: Slovakia gets minority government


Slovakia’s coalition crisis, which has been growing for months, reached its peak on Monday with the resignation of three more neoliberal Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) ministers. Liberal leader Richard Sulik’s party has definitively left the governing coalition and is withdrawing into the opposition, he confirmed. The three remaining coalition partners will only be able to count on 70 mandates in the 150-member parliament.

After Sulik, who last week resigned as Minister of Economy, Education Minister Branislav Gröhling, Justice Minister Maria Kolikova and Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok have now resigned. The names of the successors were initially unknown on Monday afternoon.

Two-month liberal ultimatum
This was preceded by a two-month ultimatum from the liberals, who insisted strongly that the leader of Olano, the strongest coalition party, Finance Minister Igor Matovic, should leave the government. He is responsible for the “disintegration” of the country, its institutions and public finances, and his conflicted nature has turned almost the entire country against him, Sulik confirmed. Olano let the deadline pass without result, in turn accusing the liberals of running away from responsibility in the current inflation and energy crises.

tensions escalate
Tensions between Sulik and Matovic, which had existed since the last parliamentary elections in 2020, escalated again in early summer after the finance minister, with the help of right-wing extremists in parliament, despite strict rejection of the SaS. The liberals called the aid of a total of 1.2 billion euros next year far too expensive and not aimed at the needy.

The right-wing populist government of Prime Minister Eduard Heger has lost an all-important coalition partner with the SaS. Slovakia gets a minority government in the midst of a crisis.

Dependent on the help of the opposition
The three remaining coalition partners, ex-prime minister Matovic’s “Ordinary People” (Olano), parliament speaker Boris Kollar’s “We Are Family” and “For the People”, once founded by ex-president Andrej Kiska, will have 150 members. rely on only 70 mandate holders. They will need help from the opposition to push through much-needed legislation to mitigate the effects of inflation and the energy crisis.

After the last elections two and a half years ago, the four government partners had a comfortable constitutional majority of 95 votes in parliament. Observers think new elections in Slovakia are becoming increasingly likely.

Source: Krone


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