Club of Rome explains – These are the main problems of our time


The report ‘Earth for All’ by a research group from the renowned think tank Club of Rome is about nothing less than the most important measures that enable a future for humanity. It is not too late – that is what the report, the result of a two-year collaboration of many experts, conveys very emphatically.

Humanity’s future depends primarily on “five extraordinary turnarounds”: ending poverty, eliminating blatant inequalities, empowering women, building a food system that is healthy for people and ecosystems, and transitioning to clean energy. Time and again, the experts emphasize that they see greater equality and justice as the silver bullet to a future worth living in.

Distinguish between fact and fiction
Extreme levels of inequality are extremely destructive, “even to the wealthy,” the warning said. “It promotes conditions that are dangerous for everyone.” Education that teaches critical thinking and complex systems thinking is essential: “Because the main challenge of our time is not climate change, biodiversity loss or pandemics,” the group says. “The main problem is our collective inability to distinguish between fact and fiction.”

There is an industry of misinformation and misinformation on social media, fueling the polarization of societies and contributing to “our inability to cooperate or even agree on fundamental facts in the face of collective challenges”.

Real danger of destabilization
One of the challenges in transforming the global energy system is the “very real risk” of social destabilization if the energy system is redesigned. “If the poorest majority are hit hardest by rising energy costs, those people will protest against energy policies.”

Source: Krone


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