Concerns over school start – teacher warns: “Lack of staff is destroying us”


Salzburg teacher representative Christine Haslauer sees a black cloud over the new school semester. It is not the corona virus, but the acute staff shortage that is of great concern to the teachers.

“Krone”: How are the Salzburg teachers doing after the summer holidays?
Christine Haslauer: You look forward to going to school. I have spoken to many teachers and they are all starting the fall fresh. Monday is special, especially for elementary school teachers with school beginners.

What are the teachers looking forward to in the new semester?
At the school events and field trips, because we start with school as before. Without masks and without testing. This year too, parents are allowed to bring their children to class in person.

Is there anything you are afraid of?
Yes, there is a very big black cloud hanging over the school. We have a huge teacher shortage. It’s dramatic. There are also many vacancies for classroom teachers. There are still about 100 vacancies for compulsory schools alone. Even though school starts on Monday. This makes me thoughtful and also angry. Because those responsible have known for years. But even in the summer holidays they did nothing about it.

How do the teachers deal with this problem?
The acute teacher shortage causes more stress and therefore more absenteeism. More and more often I get phone calls that the teachers can’t and don’t want to stop. Or sometimes long-term sick leave.

How could the shortage be met?
We need immediate support because we are destroying people. The country wanted to hire administrative staff. They were able to relieve us as teachers, but nothing happened in that regard during the summer holidays. In addition, we have been calling on shorter internship periods for some time now. Last year students were able to help and they will have to do so again. But I am not satisfied with this improvised solution. Those responsible have overslept on this subject. And I don’t understand that. Something has to be done for the teachers. And now.

Source: Krone


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