retaliatory actions? – Mass power outages reported in eastern Ukraine


Power went out in large parts of eastern Ukraine on Sunday evening. The Ukrainian authorities immediately blamed Russia. The governor of the Kharkiv region said Russian attacks on “essential infrastructure” cut off electricity and water supplies.

The city of Kharkiv and the Donetsk and Sumy regions were affected. The governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region accused Russian troops of attacking “energy infrastructure” to avenge their “battlefield defeat”. Shots of fires and dark streets were seen on social media.

Moscow speaks of “regrouping” of the troops
The Ukrainian army had recaptured numerous cities in eastern Ukraine from Russian troops in recent days. On Saturday, the Russian army surprisingly announced that it was “regrouping” its forces from parts of the eastern region of Kharkov further south to the Donetsk region. A map published by Moscow on Sunday showed that Russian troops were largely withdrawing from the area.

After their defeat in the Kharkov region, Russian troops are also withdrawing from parts of the southern Kherson region, according to information from Kiev. In some places, the occupiers had already left their positions there, the Ukrainian General Staff announced in the evening. In the town of Nowa Kachowka, Russian soldiers had cleared a hospital to hide in, it was said. This information could not be independently verified.

Source: Krone


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