Airport security expert lists simple tips for passengers to reduce long queues


In recent days, some of the UK’s biggest airport scenes have been described as chaotic, with huge delays and queues. The problems have been named after staff shortages in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly in the area of ​​security.

British Airways has already canceled 74 more flights scheduled for Thursday, while easyJet has canceled 52 more. And airports, particularly Manchester, Heathrow and Birmingham, are likely to be busy, especially with pre-screening and security departure procedures.

Shehzad Ali, CEO of Get Licensed Security Training Experts, said the industry has failed to meet the needs of experienced employees across all industries. He said that the queues at the airport depend on several factors, but the main factor is the lack of security personnel.

“Employment and employment issues have affected all sectors, as we are seeing a return to normal after the pandemic, but one of the sectors that is still developing is the security sector. This raises key questions, especially when safety is paramount in almost every industry, from supermarkets Market to travel. The employment rate in the industry does not meet the demand for work.”

Get Licensed lists its top tips for making the airport experience easier and less stressful, with essential tips for travelers planning to fly in the coming weeks.

  • Don’t arrive too early: One strategy is to get ahead before the flight. However, this increases the stress of early departure, which could lead to further delays.
  • Preparation – For security reasons, it is easier and faster to prepare your bags and remove any prohibited items. Put on comfortable shoes, put on the simplest, and take off jewelry, belts and sunglasses. Make sure you put the liquids in a clear plastic bag. Take an extra 10 minutes to get ready and get everything done faster for you and your safety.
  • Trays and transparent objects – Make sure that the clear plastic bag is not covered in the tray as it passes through the scanner. If it looks like it’s covered or as if it’s hidden in a bag, they will likely stop and check you out. Make sure the clear plastic bag and items are in a separate drawer.
  • Express Security – You can often pay for fast-moving security, which is about 4 4. Check the departure airport’s website for the latest rates. Keep in mind that airports often limit the number, so this doesn’t always speed up the process.

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  • Speak – If you have an excuse and want to go faster, just ask, because it may give you the right to jump in line. However, you may not receive sympathy from others in the queue.
  • Security Officer – Often, if there is more than one security officer on the x-ray machine, there is a trainee, so the line may slow down a bit.
  • Get the order right: Believe it or not, business travelers tend to get through security faster because they have less baggage. When choosing a font, try to keep an eye on the company’s publications.
  • Stop yelling Excessive yelling, whistling or even excessive laughter have been reported as just some of the reasons you might ask for protection, but of course it depends on the officer.


Source: Belfastlive


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