Accomplices set on fire – Life imprisonment for arson in Linz


Life imprisonment remains for two Latvians who in 2020 shot a 50-year-old compatriot in a hotel room in Linz, poured alcohol on him and set him on fire. Linz’s Higher Regional Court did not follow the men’s criminal appeals on Thursday, thereby confirming the first court’s verdict.

The two came to Linz in September 2020 with the later victim and two other men, presumably to launder money. All had criminal careers, one of the convicts and the victim even served time for murder.

Quarrels and a lot of alcohol
A fight broke out in a hotel room after drinking a lot of alcohol. The 50-year-old was seriously injured in the scuffle that followed, after which the others initially left the room. The two suspects later returned, poured rum over the unconscious man and set him on fire. Her accomplice suffered serious burns and died a short time later in hospital.

No room for leniency
The two Latvians were found guilty of aggravated assault, murder by arson and arson in November last year. Because of the sometimes relevant previous convictions and other aggravating circumstances, there was little room for maneuver in determining the leniency sentence. In particular, the first court found the exploitation of the victim’s helplessness and the treacherous and cruel commission of the crime aggravating.

Another accomplice who was present at the scuffle was sentenced to two years in prison for aggravated assault in November. His verdict was no longer part of the negotiating plan on Thursday. It has long become law.

High security measures
The convictions against the two main perpetrators have already been confirmed by the Supreme Court. In a high-security hearing, the Linz Higher Regional Court had to decide the issue of the sentence alone. The judiciary saw the reasons for determining the sentence in a similar way to the court of first instance, identified a “high level of criminal activity” and deemed a life sentence for crime and culpability appropriate.

Source: Krone


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