With the semester ticket – “Zuagraste” were discriminated against at Wiener Linien


Students get a cheaper semester ticket in Vienna – but the Viennese preferred the Wiener Linien. Aspiring academics from all other states paid more.

Until now, the Wiener Linien were more equal than the Wiener Linien: because students with their main residence in the federal capital had to pay 75 euros for their semester ticket, but prospective academics from the federal states double that. This is not only unfair, but also illegal. As reported, some of those affected had already applied for a test case against discrimination by the municipal transport company in 2020. Shortly before Christmas 2021, they were initially right. Wiener Linien then appealed to the regional court – which eventually convicted them again.

Now the students who have joined forces to form the platform “ticketkosten.at” not only get back the difference of 75 euros. Because for the “permanent personal limitation in connection with the unequal treatment” they demanded an extra 300 euros – which was granted in full.

High recoveries
And that is now expensive for Wiener Linien: the platform already has more than 3,000 members, so the sum of the submitted claims amounts to more than four million euros. By the way, before the introduction of the climate ticket, about 65,300 tickets were issued per semester, about a third of which were to non-Viennese residents.

Source: Krone


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