Fund in Rotterdam – Customs detectives get hold of more than 2.2 tons of cocaine


Dutch customs officers seized more than 2.2 tons of cocaine with a sales value of 166 million euros in the port of Rotterdam within two days. About 700 kilos of the drugs with a market value of about 52 million euros were hidden in a container of banana puree from Costa Rica.

According to the information, the researchers had previously received a tip from the US anti-drug agency DEA. On Tuesday, during a check, the detectives had already seized two shipments of cocaine with a total sales value of 114 million euros, the public prosecutor announced on Thursday.

Drugs hidden in containers from South America
The first 450 kilogram load was hidden in a container with canned asparagus from Peru. Moments later, a second load of 1077 kilograms was found in a container with guitars from South America. According to the prosecutor’s office, the companies to which the associated containers would be delivered probably have nothing to do with the drug smuggling.

Investigators believe the cocaine was smuggled into the containers in South America. The drugs would then be removed from the containers by accomplices in Rotterdam.

Source: Krone


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