Ukraine invited – EU invites 44 countries to Prague mega summit


A total of 44 heads of state or government are expected to attend the inaugural summit of the European Political Community on 6 October in Prague. In addition to the 27 EU countries, the accession candidates Ukraine and Moldova, Turkey, Great Britain and a number of Balkan countries have been invited, a senior EU official announced on Thursday. The warring Caucasus republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan are also on the list.

The aim of the new community is therefore “to address matters of common interest and thus enhance security, stability and prosperity on the European continent”. The leaders of European countries should meet “on an equal footing and in a spirit of unity, ideally once or twice a year,” the EU official said.

“New space for political cooperation and security”
The new discussion forum goes back to French President Emmanuel Macron. In a speech in Strasbourg in early May, he said that given Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, “a new space for political cooperation, security and cooperation” was at stake. This should include all democratic countries “that are committed to our fundamental values,” Macron emphasized.

According to the information, EU Council President Charles Michel and the Czech Republic, who will hold the Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers until the end of the year, have invited to the summit.

Source: Krone


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