Hit in the head – forest worker in East Tyrol suffered a bleeding wound


During forest work in East Tyrol, there was an accident in which a 47-year-old was injured. Fortunately, he was able to warn a colleague who quickly came to the rescue.

On Thursday around 10.35 am, the 47-year-old resident was busy with forestry work in Ausservillgraten. There he cut down a spruce with his chainsaw. The felled tree encountered a larch, which then lost a branch. It fell on the man’s head and shoulders and injured him.

Get help over the radio
The forest worker was able to radio a colleague who was a little further away. He immediately rushed to help the victim. After the initial treatment of a wound to the head, the injured man was treated by Red Cross Team Sillian and taken to Lienz hospital with serious injuries.

Source: Krone


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