Territorial losses – victim role: Vucic compares Serbia to Ukraine


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic made a sensational comparison in his speech to the UN General Assembly: the 52-year-old head of state asked the assembled heads of state and government: “What is the difference between the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and sovereignty and territorial integrity? Serbia?” Vucic thus compared the land grab in Ukraine to Kosovo’s declaration of independence.

No one has so far given a rational answer to this question, Vucic said, accusing the United Nations of double standards. Because: “Serbia’s territorial integrity was violated – and this is always left unmentioned.” At the same time, the Serbian president contradicted himself and thanked all states that still do not recognize Kosovo’s independence, which was declared in 2008 – including Russia and Ukraine.

Vucic rejects EU proposal
Vucic recently rejected a 10-year roadmap for the recognition of Kosovo proposed by the EU. The core of the document is the link between EU accession and the recognition of Kosovo. A few days ago, the Serbian head of state repeatedly insisted that he ruled out “direct or indirect” recognition as long as he had some influence over it.

Serbia continues to regard Kosovo as its southern province. The normalization talks that started in 2011 have come to nothing for years. In the summer, Belgrade and Pristina came very close to a violent conflict in a conflict over border controls. This was remedied in mid-August with EU mediation.

Source: Krone


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